Ocean, Jungle and Sky themed cake

We made an Ocean, Jungle and Sky themed cake for a first birthday party recently.

We made a tiered cake with pillars, with an ocean-themed bottom tier, a jungle-themed middle tier and a sky-themed top tier. Each of the 12″, 9″ and 6″ cakes featured a Bubbly Butterscotch flavor with mousse filling and caramelized nuts folded in. The bottom tier was decorated with fondant fish, shark, turtle, a leaping dolphin and chocolate shells and corals made of sugar candy. The middle tier had jungle animals and pillars disguised as trees. The top tier was decorated with buttercream clouds and colorful fondant birds and butterflies. It took us many long hours to prepare the cakes and toppers and also to put them together. We have a few more pictures of the cakes and the toppers as we were in the process of making them, but we’ll save those for another ‘behind the scenes’ post. 🙂

Ocean, jungle and sky themed cake
Underwater themed bottom tier
Jungle themed middle tier
Sky themed top tier
Ocean tier – dolphin
Ocean tier – shark
Jungle tier – Giraffe
Jungle tier – Inscription
Jungle tier – animals
Jungle tier – monkey on a tree
Sky tier – bird

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Betty
    Apr 09, 2012 @ 14:46:53

    That is a fantastic cake. A real labor of love. Great detail work.


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