Behind the scenes – Ocean, Jungle and Sky themed cake

We posted some pictures of an Ocean, Jungle and Sky themed cake a couple of weeks ago, which many of our blog and Facebook page followers enjoyed. Here are some behind-the-scenes pictures taken while we worked on the cake and the toppers. Most of these photos were taken with our phones, so we apologize for the crappy picture quality.

Giraffe – We had a little trouble keeping his head and long neck attached to the body. This picture was taken when we managed to keep him intact for about a couple of minutes
Lion – Attaching his mane is a lot harder than it looks
Elephant and a tiny birdie
Birds for the sky themed tier
The menagerie
Half-done Jungle tier resting in the refrigerator. We had just started covering up the pillars with fondant to make them look like trees
Toppers waiting to go on the cakes (Notice the headless giraffe?)
Assembling the cake at the party venue
Final clean-up

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