Monkey cake

We made this monkey-themed 1st birthday cake a few months ago. This Pineapple Passion cake with a filling of pineapple mousse and caramelized nuts has three tiers done in the same color scheme as the birthday party decorations. We also made a dozen cupcakes with to go with the cake. All decorations on the cake, including the cupcake toppers were made with fondant.

 Monkey-themed cake and cupcakes IMG_2891
 Fondant monkey on top tier IMG_2883
 Fondant monkey on 2nd tier IMG_2888
 Fondant flowers on the top tier IMG_2870
 Fondant bows IMG_2872
 Chocolate shavings IMG_2876
Another view IMG_2910
Inscription on top tier IMG_2915
Cupcake with monkey topper IMG_2900
More cupcakes IMG_2904

Cowgirl cake

We made this Cowgirl themed cake and cupcakes for a little girl who loves horses. The figures were sculpted with fondant as were the horse toppers on the cupcakes. The Chocolate Charm flavored cake had a whipped strawberry mousse filling and strawberry buttercream frosting.

Cowgirl cake and cupcakes
Top view
Cowgirl and her horse
Another view of the cake

Cupcakes for a bake sale

We get a lot of requests for cakes and cupcakes and we enjoy creating each and every one of them. But nothing brings us more satisfaction than baking for a cause. We made these Orange Dream cupcakes for a bake sale fundraiser at the local school. The oh-so-yummy orange cupcakes had orange buttercream frosting and were topped off with bright blue fondant flowers and silver dragees.

Orange Dream cupcakes
Fondant flowers and silver dragees
One lonely cupcake

Critter cupcakes

We made these animal themed cupcakes for a party at a 5-year old’s school. The Pineapple Passion cupcakes were topped with pineapple buttercream frosting, and were decorated with fondant animals. We made many different kinds of animals (lion, elephant, zebra, monkey, giraffe, cow, horse, pig, chicken, sheep, and many more). However, since this was a last-minute order, we didn’t get time to get good pictures of all the animals before we delivered the cupcakes at the school. 😦

Anyway, it was a big hit with all the kids, and here are the few pictures that we did mange to click.


Toy Story Alien cupcakes

Here are some cupcakes that we did for a big fan of the little green aliens from the Toy Story movies. The Chocolate Charm cupcakes had orange buttercream frosting, and were topped with little aliens made with fondant.

Alien cupcakes
Cupcakes with centerpiece

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