Solar System cake

The entire Solar System on a cake! how cool is that?

We got the chance to create this unique cake a couple of months ago. The cake was for a 3 year old boy who loves his Solar System puzzle. This two-tiered cake has a Bubbly Butterscotch flavor and mousse filling with crunchy caramelized nuts. We made the Sun and the bigger planets with styrofoam balls covered in fondant. The smaller planets were simply made with fondant. We also made a little space shuttle to go with the Solar System, since the birthday boy loved rocket ships as well. The major challenge was in creating the ring to go around Saturn. We tried various approaches, and finally settled on making the ring with sugar candy.

Enjoy the pictures!

Solar System cake IMG_3363
Sun and the planets IMG_3367
Inscription IMG_3370
Another view of the cake IMG_3378
Top view IMG_3384

Cow Print cake

This is a simple cow print cake that we made for a little boy’s 2nd birthday. The birthday boy’s mom planned to place her own topper on the patch of ‘grass’ in the center of the cake, and unfortunately we do not have any ‘after’ pics. This is a 12″ 4 layer cake with Mango Tango flavor and buttercream frosting.

Cow pattern cake IMG_3353
‘Grass’ patch in the center IMG_3354
‘Grass’ piping and fondant flowers IMG_3356
Side view IMG_3360

Minnie Mouse cakes

Here are two Minnie Mouse cakes that we worked on late last year. (Yup, we are still waaaay behind in publishing our cake pics.)

The first cake is an 8″ Strawberry Surprise cake with fruit filling. The cake is covered with pink buttercream frosting and white fondant polka dots. The topper is a Minnie-shaped candle.

The second is a two-tier Chocolate Charm cake with red and white vanilla buttercream frosting. This cake features an edible Minnie Mouse figurine made with fondant.

Pink Minnie Mouse cake IMG_3318
Top view IMG_3322
Piping IMG_3329
Red and white Minnie Mouse cake IMG_3334
Fondant Minnie Mouse topper IMG_3335
Inscription IMG_3338
Piping IMG_3343

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

This is a colorful 1/4 sheet Pineapple Passion cake with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme. We made this for a little boy’s 2nd birthday. The cake features all edible figurines made of fondant.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cake IMG_2996
Mickey IMG_3011
Goofy and Mickey IMG_3010
Pluto IMG_3003
Donald Duck IMG_3023
Fondant leaves and flowers IMG_3021
 Side IMG_3019
Another view of Donald Duck IMG_3005

Monkey cake

We made this monkey-themed 1st birthday cake a few months ago. This Pineapple Passion cake with a filling of pineapple mousse and caramelized nuts has three tiers done in the same color scheme as the birthday party decorations. We also made a dozen cupcakes with to go with the cake. All decorations on the cake, including the cupcake toppers were made with fondant.

 Monkey-themed cake and cupcakes IMG_2891
 Fondant monkey on top tier IMG_2883
 Fondant monkey on 2nd tier IMG_2888
 Fondant flowers on the top tier IMG_2870
 Fondant bows IMG_2872
 Chocolate shavings IMG_2876
Another view IMG_2910
Inscription on top tier IMG_2915
Cupcake with monkey topper IMG_2900
More cupcakes IMG_2904

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