Baby Shower cake

Here’s a cake we made for a painting-themed baby shower party. The 6″ Strawberry Surprise cake had paint-themed edible decorations. Making the fondant baby was super fun indeed. Enjoy the pictures.

Baby shower cake IMG_4102
Top view IMG_4108
Fondant baby topper IMG_4111
Inscription IMG_4113
Another view IMG_4114

Pea-in-a-pod cake

We are still catching up on posting pictures of the cakes that we did a couple of months earlier. Here is a pea-in-a-pod cake that we made for a baby shower. We were requested to make the 1/2 sheet cake similar to one of our prior designs, except for a baby boy. The Strawberry Surprise cake had fluffy buttercream frosting and hand-molded fondant decorations.

Baby shower cake
Baby in a pea-pod
Pacifier and bib
Fondant ducky
Another view of the cake

Pea-in-a-pod Baby Shower Cake

A sweet little baby peeking from inside a pea-pod. We made this baby shower cake with a pea-in-a-pod design to celebrate the arrival of a couple’s first baby. All decorations and toppers were made with fondant, including the pea pod, vines and rubber ducky. The Mango Tango cake was wrapped with a pink fondant ribbon and a bow to complete the look.

Baby shower cake
Baby in a pea-pod
Vines and flowers
Pacifier, bib and ducky
Fondant ducky

Baby shower

We have pictures of another fun baby shower cake to share, this one featuring a baby in pink clothes surrounded by blocks and a rubber ducky, all crafted out of fondant. The cake features our signature Mango Tango flavor, with a light and fluffy mango mousse filling.

Baby shower cake
Baby, blocks and ducky
Side view

Welcome baby

This baby shower cake is rich with raspberry flavor. The cake features our signature Raspberry Rush flavor with fresh raspberry fruit filling and sweet buttercream frosting. A fondant baby peeks from under a blanket on top of the cake.

Raspberry Rush cake with raspberry filling and buttercream frosting
Hand-crafted fondant baby and blanket