Solar System cake

The entire Solar System on a cake! how cool is that?

We got the chance to create this unique cake a couple of months ago. The cake was for a 3 year old boy who loves his Solar System puzzle. This two-tiered cake has a Bubbly Butterscotch flavor and mousse filling with crunchy caramelized nuts. We made the Sun and the bigger planets with styrofoam balls covered in fondant. The smaller planets were simply made with fondant. We also made a little space shuttle to go with the Solar System, since the birthday boy loved rocket ships as well. The major challenge was in creating the ring to go around Saturn. We tried various approaches, and finally settled on making the ring with sugar candy.

Enjoy the pictures!

Solar System cake IMG_3363
Sun and the planets IMG_3367
Inscription IMG_3370
Another view of the cake IMG_3378
Top view IMG_3384

Another Curious George cake

A few days ago we dug up some pictures of a few cakes that we had done in the recent months, but never got around to publishing on the blog or on our Facebook page. Here’s one of them.

You might remember the Curious George cake that we did a few months ago. That design was so popular that we got another request for the exact same cake. We made this cake with 12″ and 10″ tiers in Bubbly Butterscotch flavor for a 5th birthday party. All toppers are made with fondant.

Curious George cake
George, Jumpy and the yellow hat
Fondant decorations

Butterfly cake

Here’s a bright and colorful birthday cake for a little girl nick-named Thitlee, which is the Hindi word for butterfly.

The Bubbly Butterscotch cake has a fluffy mousse filling and buttercream frosting. The edible handmade fondant decorations include a big butterfly, a froggie and numerous lady bugs and bumble bees. Here are a few pictures of the cake. (We apologize for the poor picture quality)

Butterfly cake
Fondant flowers and butterfly
Top view
Lady bug
Another view of the cake
Close-up view

Ocean, Jungle and Sky themed cake

We made an Ocean, Jungle and Sky themed cake for a first birthday party recently.

We made a tiered cake with pillars, with an ocean-themed bottom tier, a jungle-themed middle tier and a sky-themed top tier. Each of the 12″, 9″ and 6″ cakes featured a Bubbly Butterscotch flavor with mousse filling and caramelized nuts folded in. The bottom tier was decorated with fondant fish, shark, turtle, a leaping dolphin and chocolate shells and corals made of sugar candy. The middle tier had jungle animals and pillars disguised as trees. The top tier was decorated with buttercream clouds and colorful fondant birds and butterflies. It took us many long hours to prepare the cakes and toppers and also to put them together. We have a few more pictures of the cakes and the toppers as we were in the process of making them, but we’ll save those for another ‘behind the scenes’ post. 🙂

Ocean, jungle and sky themed cake
Underwater themed bottom tier
Jungle themed middle tier
Sky themed top tier
Ocean tier – dolphin
Ocean tier – shark
Jungle tier – Giraffe
Jungle tier – Inscription
Jungle tier – animals
Jungle tier – monkey on a tree
Sky tier – bird

Curious George cake

Here is a cake with everyone’s favorite monkey, Curious George! We made this tiered cake with 8″ and 10″ tiers for a 2nd birthday party. Curious George and his friends Hundley and Jumpy are hand sculpted with fondant. This cake features a Bubbly Butterscotch flavor with a silky smooth mousse filling along with crunchy caramelized nuts.

Curious George cake
George, Jumpy and the yellow hat
Top view

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