Barrel cake

We made this cake for a very good friend who enjoys his whiskey. The ‘barrel’ was a 6″ Mocha Madness cake covered with fondant. We made the ‘ice’ with sugar and stuck a few mini liquor bottles in there. We hope you enjoy the pictures as much as our friend enjoyed the cake AND the alcohol. 🙂

Barrel cake
Front view
The bottles and ice
Another view

Eagle Court of Honor cake

When our good friends asked us to do a cake for their son’s Eagle Court of Honor ceremony, we jumped at the chance to honor our favorite boy scout. Our friends found the design online, and we made the cake as close to it as we could manage. The 12″ Mocha Madness bottom tier had mocha mousse filling and buttercream frosting. The 10″ Raspberry Rush tier had raspberry mousse filling with fresh raspberries folded in. The flag and the ropes were made with fondant. The non-edible eagle topper was provided to us which matched the topper in the original design. The fleur de lis motifs on the sides of the cake were molded with white chocolate.

Eagle Court of Honor cake
Non-edible eagle topper
Fondant flag and rope
Fleur de lis molded with white chocolate
Another view

‘Manjadi’ cake

Those from the southern Indian state of Kerala maybe familiar with the popular Malayalam DVD series for kids, called Manjadi. When we got a request to create a cake based on the characters in Manjadi, we were very excited since our kids love watching the DVDs and singing along to the songs. We made this 10″ Mocha Madness cake with two characters from the Manjadi DVDs (Twinkle, the little girl and Pupi the puppy). We also included another favorite of the birthday girl – a figure of Lulu, her neighbor’s cat. All toppers and decorations were made of fondant. A big thanks to TT for sending us a picture from the party.

Manjadi cake
Fondant toppers
Twinkle and Lulu the cat
Pupi the puppy
The party

Angry Birds cake

Here is a fun cake that we absolutely enjoyed making. Everyone would be familiar with the extremely popular and addictive game Angry Birds where you use a slingshot to shoot angry birds at their pig nemeses (the birds have every right to be angry – those darn pigs did steal their eggs!). You might have wondered how silly the game sounded until you HAD to try it out – just to see what the big hype was all about – and got so hooked yourself that you couldn’t stop thinking about ways to score three stars on each level. No? Must be just us then. 🙂

Where were we? Oh yeah, we do want to talk about the Angry Birds cake. 🙂 We made this cake for the 8th birthday of a big-time Angry Birds fan. The Mocha Madness cake had a creamy and light mocha mousse filling and buttercream frosting. All the toppers including the birds, pigs, slingshot and the ‘wooden’ structures were molded with fondant. Did we already mention how much fun we had putting this cake together?

Angry Birds cake
Fondant birds
Bird on the slingshot
More pigs

Harry Potter cake

Here’s a magical cake for you. A birthday cake for a 9-year old Harry Potter fan. She wanted the figures of Harry Potter and Voldemort fighting on top of the cake in the midst of a forest. We created this scene on a Mocha Madness cake with mocha mousse filling. The figures of Voldemort and Harry were made with fondant. The trees and stumps were made with pretzel sticks and rice crispies covered with frosting. We added a sparkly ball in the center with flashing lights, which we hope would look like the light flashes from the magic wands.

Front view of the cake
Another view
Flashing light ball
Inscription on the cake
Another view