Hulk smash cake!

When it came to making a cake for a 3 year old who loves the Incredible Hulk (in fact he believes he IS the Hulk), we didn’t have to think twice. We decided to go with a two-dimensional Hulk figure and made it appear to pop out of the cake. The figure was hand-painted with food-coloring on a flat piece of rolled fondant. We painted the hand separately and placed a small piece of fondant behind it so that it appeared three-dimensional. The 8″ 5-layer Raspberry Rush cake was super tall with fluffy mousse filling and fresh raspberries.

Hulk cake
Painted 2D fondant Hulk
Another view

Eagle Court of Honor cake

When our good friends asked us to do a cake for their son’s Eagle Court of Honor ceremony, we jumped at the chance to honor our favorite boy scout. Our friends found the design online, and we made the cake as close to it as we could manage. The 12″ Mocha Madness bottom tier had mocha mousse filling and buttercream frosting. The 10″ Raspberry Rush tier had raspberry mousse filling with fresh raspberries folded in. The flag and the ropes were made with fondant. The non-edible eagle topper was provided to us which matched the topper in the original design. The fleur de lis motifs on the sides of the cake were molded with white chocolate.

Eagle Court of Honor cake
Non-edible eagle topper
Fondant flag and rope
Fleur de lis molded with white chocolate
Another view

Water, Earth and Sky themed cake

We got a chance to put together a very unique cake recently. The water, earth and sky themed cake was for a little boy’s 1st birthday.

We made a tiered cake with an underwater-themed bottom tier, jungle-themed middle tier and sky-themed top tier. The bottom tier was a Simply Vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream frosting and mixed fruit filling. The middle tier was a Mango Tango cake with mango mousse filling, and the top tier was a Raspberry Rush cake with raspberry mousse filling. Each tier was decorated with a combination of edible and non-edible toppers. We ended up working 7 hours straight in putting together this cake, and were pretty pleased with the result.

Water, earth and sky themed cake
Underwater themed bottom tier with fondant fish and chocolate shells
Handpainted fondant fish
Jungle themed middle tier with fondant trees and non-edible birds and animals
Inscription on a fondant cloud
Sky themed top tier with handpainted fondant butterflies and clouds
Close-up of butterfly

Minnie mouse tiered cake

We made this Minnie mouse tiered cake for a 5-year-old girl’s birthday. We kept the design relatively simple and incorporated the polka dots in Minnie’s dress on the bottom tier. The Minnie mouse topper was hand-sculpted with fondant. The Raspberry Rush cake had a smooth and fluffy raspberry mousse filling and buttercream frosting.

Minnie mouse cake
Minnie mouse topper
Another view of the cake
Close-up of Minnie mouse
Decoration on the top tier

Barbie Mariposa

One of our favorite cakes so far – a very intricate design featuring Barbie Mariposa surrounded by butterflies and whimsical flowers. Sculpting the Barbie by hand and balancing her on top of the cake took longer than we expected, but once she was surrounded by shimmering butterflies and flowers, we were really pleased with the result.

Barbie cake
Barbie – close-up
Barbie surrounded by flowers
Flowers and butterflies

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