Lady Bug cake

Here’s a lady bug cake that we made for a sweet little 4-year old dear to our hearts. The Simply Vanilla cake had a fruit and custard filling. The big lady bug on top was made with cake and covered with fondant. All other toppers were made with fondant as well.

Lady bug cake IMG_4350
The smiling lady bug IMG_4332
Fondant lady bug and flower IMG_4333
Leaves IMG_4337
Another view of the lady bug IMG_4353
Inscription IMG_4330-002
Top view of the cake IMG_4354

Teddy Bear cake

Here is a first birthday cake we did recently. We decided on a simple design with all edible toppers – a teddy bear holding a balloon, a few gift boxes, and an upright figure 1. The Simply Vanilla cake had a filling of mixed fruit and mousse and was covered with smooth and fluffy buttercream frosting. We finished off by covering the cake with fondant polka dots. Here are some pictures.

Teddy bear cake
Polka dots
Fondant toppers

Water, Earth and Sky themed cake

We got a chance to put together a very unique cake recently. The water, earth and sky themed cake was for a little boy’s 1st birthday.

We made a tiered cake with an underwater-themed bottom tier, jungle-themed middle tier and sky-themed top tier. The bottom tier was a Simply Vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream frosting and mixed fruit filling. The middle tier was a Mango Tango cake with mango mousse filling, and the top tier was a Raspberry Rush cake with raspberry mousse filling. Each tier was decorated with a combination of edible and non-edible toppers. We ended up working 7 hours straight in putting together this cake, and were pretty pleased with the result.

Water, earth and sky themed cake
Underwater themed bottom tier with fondant fish and chocolate shells
Handpainted fondant fish
Jungle themed middle tier with fondant trees and non-edible birds and animals
Inscription on a fondant cloud
Sky themed top tier with handpainted fondant butterflies and clouds
Close-up of butterfly

Reptile themed cake

This is a reptile theme cake that we made for a good friend’s 14-year-old son. He is an avid animal lover, and loves reptiles in particular. The lizards, snake and leaves were hand-crafted with fondant. In fact, we modeled the snake after the birthday boy’s pet corn snake Bo. The cake features our Simply Vanilla flavor with mixed fruit filling. This was a fun project and we thoroughly enjoyed making the little critters.

Reptile themed cake
Another view
Lizard #1
Lizard #2
Inscription on tree trunk

Girl with butterflies

We created this whimsical cake for a bubbly 2 year old’s birthday party. This is a bright two-tiered mad-hatter style cake, featuring a girl surrounded by butterflies on top. The toppers are hand-crafted with fondant, and this Simply Vanilla cake had smooth and fluffy buttercream frosting and mixed fruit filling.

Butterfly girl cake
Another view

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